BaiZam Generation

BaiZam Generation was officially established in 2008 as a group active in staging and performing dances, traditional and modern music combinations as well as traditional and contemporary theater performances. The group’s services are always in demand for performances such as Mak Yong, Mek Mulung, Wayang Kulit, Dikir Barat, Traditional Dance, Folk Songs and Traditional Poetry, Selampit and Main Teri. In addition, they also provide contemporary performances of various forms of traditional performance genres.

The strength of BaiZam Generation comes from the members of a family consisting of husband and wife, Kamarul Baisah and Zamzuriah Zahari and their 3 children Kamarul Baihaqi, Kamarul Baituttah and Kamarul Baiquni. Each of them has at least three skills out of singing, dancing, acting and playing a musical instrument. Kamarul Baisah is also active in music directing, theater and is an expert in playing traditional musical instruments. Zamzuriah has served as a choreographer, composer, director, actor and singer. Their oldest son Kamarul Baihaqi has been skilled at playing musical instruments since the age of 15 months. His prowess in the various performing art genres such as singing, acting, playing musical instruments and in martial arts led to his becoming a Tok Dalang (at the age of 5) – a master puppeteer in the traditional art of Wayang Kulit. His younger brothers are equally as talented having being exposed to the family’s artistic elements from a very young age. As a close-knit family BaiZam Generation have made a name for themselves with their performances in the country and abroad.