Larry Hwang specialises in theoretical research, composition and instrumental performance. He obtained a master’s degree in percussion from the University of Southern California in 1998, and a doctorate in music arts from the National Taipei University of the Arts in 2011. He was under Professor Zhu Zongqing, Professor Guo Guangyuan, and Professor Eric Frist. In 1992, he joined the Ju Percussion Group. In addition to performing, he often writes percussion ensemble works for the Ju Percussion Group. Since 2002, he has served as the arranger for the audio textbook of Ju Percussion Group’s teaching system. In 1995, entrusted by the Japan Percussion Association, he composed “Formosa” for the “Japan ’95 Percussion Festival” and premiered in Tokyo. His work “Impression‧Pacific Ocean” in 1998 was performed by the Seoul Percussion Orchestra of Korea at the 3rd Taipei International Percussion Festival (TIPC) in 1999.

He is currently a senior member of the Ju Percussion Group, the president of the Taiwan Branch of the International Percussion Arts Association, and an assistant professor at the National Taipei University of the Arts.