Orang Orang Drum Theatre​

Since its establishment in 2013, Orang Orang Drum Theatre (OODT)’s core members Boyz Chew, Zyee Leow, and Damien Leow have been dancing between music, dance, and theatre, looking for a platform of expression for drum theatre. In 2014, ‘Hidup Ini Senget’ by OODT was nominated in four categories at the 12th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. It won the ‘Best Music and Sound Design’ and the ‘Best Group Performance’. Their performance of ‘beat now’, ‘bersama-sama’ and ‘we sing we play we feel in the chaotic city’ won them the champion seat in the “Port Dickson Beach Drums and Percussion Challenge 2017”. In the same year, they released the album, ‘LaguKu’ which combines drum music with ensemble singing, in an attempt to uncover the deep-rooted power of “drum” and “song”

They participated in the international music festival Sziget Festival 2019, WOMADELAIDE 2020, Venice theatre arts festival Venice Open Stage, and Belgium and Germany dance festival Danse en Ville. In recent years, they have toured at many cultural and dance arts festivals in Europe, such as in France, Hungary and Serbia. Through interactions with traditional cultures, they find their balance between traditional and contemporary. The word ‘orang’ means people, and the heart behind OODT is to bring the arts to the people; the word ‘drum theatre’ is used because, just by placing a drum in a theatre space, it has the ability to tell a story and make music.