Souls Impact

“We ride with our souls; we drum with our heartbeat.”

Souls Impact Percussion (SIP) was founded in December 2014 by Cross Chin and Zac Tan. They are a percussion team that performs a combination of body movements using Southeast Asian traditional instruments, an array of Chinese and Western percussion instruments and especially the Chinese drums. Their goal is to merge the sounds of traditional instruments into this busy city, to find the correct beat and rhythm to reach the bottom of the heart.

In 2017, SIP won the Boh Cameronian Arts Award for Best Production Values for its Carpe Diem concert, their second ever show. That same year, they put up a workshop performance of Wuwuming in Penang. That 15-minute piece eventually became a full-length 65-minute production in 2018. The group have collaborated with other artists in Malaysia as well as from other countries. Performances have taken them to China, Singapore, Maldives and Taiwan. Souls Impact believes that education is important for growth and in order to be able to inspire the next generation. This along with passing on their traditional culture and art form is part of their mission.